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Our Musical Terrain

Go outside a listen to the musical terrain.  Start walking and listen to it change as you take part in its rhythm.  This is collaboration at its finest. The  terrain is vast. It extends as far as the ear can hear. Listen to the distant reaches. Maybe there’s a chain saw barely audible in the mountains trading riffs with a cocker spaniel in the 2nd floor apartment to your left. Keep walking as you start to feel one with the music. Listen to the voices in your head. Maybe they are scolding voices or voices full of praise. They are part of the terrain. Usually they are from far off in the distant past.

What if the universe is composed of music? (pun intended) What if by simply listening we are taking part in the universal symphony?  What if through practicing we are not getting better, just going deeper?

Listen then sing, listen then sing. Listen to how you blend and become one with the universal music.

Maybe making music is taking part in our musical terrain.

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