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comMUSIKey would not exist in the form that it is were it not for Maasailand. You can find out why by reading From Maasailand to comMUSIKey. That is why a percentage of all comMUSIKey's revenue goes to different projects in Maasailand.


Right now, we are putting attention on Greening Amboseli. A project spearheaded by Gideon Sinyok, a leader of Ngong uNarok, a village in Maasailand. The Maasai are traditionally goat, sheep, and cow herders, but since colonialism and relocation, they have had to rely mostly on tourism for sustenance. 

Now there are a group of people who are trying to move into local agriculture in their village of Ngong'u Narok. 

We are developing reciprocal relationships. For instance, James Lukeine has made a Maa translation of Build the Bridges. We are having trouble getting his video transfered from his phone in Kenya into our movie. One budget item we have is to facilitate that kind of thing.


"We are proud of you Jonathan Best. You are part of us as Amboseli community,you came personally to our village and witness by yourself.we are missing you together with your team,we say a big thank you for your endeavors support."


-Gideon Sinyok, community leader

woman with plants.jpeg

This is very big cultural shift for them. Recently, their pump broke. They were lucky to have some financial help and get it fixed before too many plants died. Our contribution was a very small part of that. We hope that we can help more in the future.

borehole in Maasailand

Click on this image to watch the video

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